History of the school

" On March 1, Monday with a festive ceremony a school for girls was opened with a litany for the health and longevity of the guardians, sponsors and hard-working builders of the school."

In this way the opening of the first girls' school in Pazardzhik "Levkia Vodi" was announced in issue 11 of "Tzarigradski Vestnik" newspaper in 1848.

After the National Liberation in 1878 the school continued its existence as an independent three-year girls' school.

In 1897 it became a four-year school and took the name of the distinguished writer and public figure Konstantin Velichkov.

In 1899 it became a five-year school.

In 1908/1909 academic year 262 students attended the school; 142 of them went up a form directly, 50 students did that after a supplementary examination, and 69 had to repeat their class.

In 1912 the school expanded and became a girls' high school and its first batch of alumni graduated in 1917. The following subjects were taught at that time: religion, Bulgarian, French, Russian, General History, Bulgarian History, Geography, Natural History, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Psychology, Writing, Drawing, Gymnastics, Singing and Handiwork.

In 1923 the town's boys' high school "Ivan Aksakov" and the girls' high school merged into the co-educational high school "Konstantin Velichkov", which existed until 1936, when there were too many students in it and it had do split into boys' high school "Ivan Aksakov" and girls' high school "Konstantin Velichkov".

In 1944 both high schools became co-ed and were named First Co-educational Polytechnic "Konstantin Velichkov" and Second Co-educational Polytechnic "Konstantin Velichkov" accordingly.

By order D-4 of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education from May 27, 1971 Second Co-educational Polytechnic "Konstantin Velichkov" was transformed into Mathematical High School "Konstantin Velichkov". An entrance exam was carried out to select the students for 2 classes in form 8 and 2 classes in form 9 with major in Mathematics as well as 2 classes in form 8 and 2 classes in form 9 with major in Physics and minor in Mathematics. A total of 110 students enrolled in form 8 and 117 students enrolled in form 9.

In 1984 in Mathematical High School "Konstantin Velichkov" three additional classes were opened: 1 class with major in Biology, 1 class with major in Physics and 1 with major in Chemistry. The students to enroll in each of them were selected according to their results at the entrance exam in the respective academic subject.

In 1988 intensive foreign language training was introduced - initially in English and later on in German and French.

Since 1997 there has been no freshman class with major in Chemistry but the same year a class with major in Earth Sciences was introduced.

In 1999 a class with major in Computer Science was introduced.
In 1999/2000 academic year the areas of specialization were changed and were called accordingly:
Computer Science and English
Mathematics and English
Mathematics and German
Earth Sciences and German
Biology and French

In 2000/2001 academic year in High School of Mathematics total number of all students is 780 divided into 30 classes.

In 2009/2010 at the school are trained 705 students in 28 classes. Education in High School lasts 5 years. On graduation students receive a document for computer literacy.
For most of high school popularity is largely driven by student performance on various international and national events in Mathematics,Physics, Chemistry,Biology etc.

As result of such events matriculation entering George Hadjiyski, Seryoja Ivanov, Zorniza Gergieva etc.

Much credit for the achievements undoubtedly have the management of school and the teachers.Headmasters over the years have been:N.Aleksiev, T.Mumjiev, I.Stambliev, N.Boyadjiev, M.Minkv, Angel Velkov, Adelina Chopanova.

For many years of highly professional work in the public education system Ministry of Education honored Dr.Ana Rabadjiyska, Maria Gyulemetoova, Verka Tsoneva, Boryana Stefanova, Dimitar Hadjidimitrov, Todorka Ivancheva.