Board of Trustees of Mathematical School
"K. Velichkov" Pazardzhik

IBAN  BG13UBBS80021031863714


1.Georgi Georgiev Karaboychev -Chairperson, tel: +359889716255, e-mail:
Vaselina Kirilova Chervenkova -Deputy Chairperson
Daniel Georgiev Apostolov -Secretary
Lilyana Stoyanova Gyurova
Ivan Vasilev Grozdanov
Nina Ilieva Kolchakova
Elena Vidinova Kerinova




Of Mathematical School "nstntin Vlichkv" in Pazardzhik


ARTICLE 1 The Board of Trustees of Mathematical School "nstntin Vlichkv" is an independent and voluntary non-profit association carrying out activities aimed at the public welfare - for assisting the development of education and instruction at Mathematical School "nstntin Vlichkv" in Pazardzhik and providing the necessary funds for its equipment and upkeep. 


ARTICLE 2(1) The association will achieve its goals by means of uniting parents, teachers, public figures, sponsors and representatives of corporations willing to contribute to the advancement of the school and joining their efforts with those of the state and municipal bodies to support the development of education and instruction at Mathematical School "nstntin Vlichkv" in Pazardzhik and providing the necessary funds for its equipment and upkeep.
ARTICLE 2(2) To achieve its goals the Board of Trustees:
1.discusses and makes motions before the authorities for the development of the school or for eliminating its current problems;
2.assists in providing additional funds for the school and makes sure they are properly spent;
3.supports the upgrade and upkeep of the school building and equipment;
4.takes part together with the teachers' council in the process of selection of textbooks to be used in the school for the various subjects taught and if possible has them purchased;
5.contributes to the organizing of catering for the students, providing transportation settling other current issues of teachers and students' concern;
6.supports the creation and application of instructive and educational programs on issues of students' concern;
7.contributes to the efforts of the municipality and the school to fulfill the state requirements concerning obligatory school education ;
8.contributes to the realization of extracurricular activities involving the students such as organized recreation, tourism and sports events;
9.contributes to engaging the students' parents in organizing the way students spend their free time;
10.suggests measures for improving the way the school functions;
11.organizes the general public to support the school;
12.signals the appropriate controlling bodies in case of violation of the laws and rules governing the educational system;
13.organizes and supports activities educating the parents in issues such as children's development and proper upbringing;
14.assists the school in its campaign against drugs and other harmful influences on the students;
15.supports financially poor students;
16.assists the school commission for prevention of crime among minors


ARTICLE.3. The full name of the association is: BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL 'KONSTANTIN VELICHKOV', and its shorter version used throughout the school documents is Board of Trustees.
The address of the headquarters of the Board of Trustees is: 1, San Stefano St., Pazardzhik.



ARTICLE 4. The aim of the Board of trustees is to help the process of education and material supply of the school, according to the active laws of Bulgaria .It helps to restore and   increase the school properties, their effective management and rational use; helps creating and  supporting of new material base; assist organizing students feeding, provides transport and other living conditions for the children, students and teachers from the school as well as other activities for optimizing the school work, according to law.

ARTICLE 4.2. The Board of Trustees realizes socially useful activities, as they will use their property for the development of MG K. Velichkv.
ARTICLE 4.3 The Board of Trustees is established by a General Assembly, convened by an initiative committee. A founder and a member of the Board of Trustees/trustee/ can be any able physical or juridical person accepting the goals and tasks of the Board of Trustees and willing to contribute to their realization. During that same meeting of the General Assembly the founders elect the first Council of Trustees and adopt the statute of the Board of Trustees.

ARTICLE 5. Bodies of the Board of Trustees:
5.1. Supreme body is the General Assembly
5.2. Managing body is the Council of Trustees

ARTICLE 6. The General Assembly
6.1.changes and supplements the statute.
6.2.defines the number of members of the Council of Trustees, which cannot be less then three people.
6.3.elects and discharges the members and the chairperson of the Council of Trustees.
6.4.admits to membership and expels trustees from the Board of Trustees.
6.5.makes the decisions to transform or dissolve the Board of Trustees.
6.6.makes the decisions regarding the amount and means of collection of the membership dues or property dues.
6.7.approves the budget of the Board of Trustees.
6.8.approves the account given by the Council of Trustees of their activities.

ARTICLE 7. The General Assembly is convened by the Council of Trustees on its initiative or at the request of one-third the trustees. The invitation for convention must contain the agenda, place and date of the General Assembly. At least a month before the date set for the meeting the invitation must be posted on the notice board in the building of the Mathematical School "nstntin Vlichkv" and a copy of it must be delivered to each trustee who has to sign for and receive it personally. If the invitation is not delivered personally to all trustees, it has to be published in Official Gazette at least a month before the set date. 
The meeting of the General Assembly is legitimate if attended by more than half of all trustees. If there is no quorum, the General Assembly reconvenes an hour later at the same place for a meeting with the same agenda which can be held irregardless of the number of trustees present. 
ARTICLE 8.1. The Council of Trustees is elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years and can be prolonged to the election of new members. 
8.2. The chairperson of the Council of Trustees is elected by the Council of Trustees.

ARTICLE 9. The Council of Trustees holds regular meetings at least four times a year.
Special meetings are held at the request of the chairperson or another member of the Council of Trustees. 

ARTICLE 10. The meetings of the Council of Trustees are legitimate when more than half of its members are present. A member is considered present if maintaining bilateral or other telephone communication which allows the member's identity to be confirmed and the member to take part in the discussions and decision making. This member's vote is certified in the minutes by the chairperson of the meeting. Decisions are made with a majority of all members. The Council of Trustees can make decisions even if a meeting is not held, provided that the minutes with the decision made are signed without riders or demurs by all members of the Council of Trustees.

ARTICLE 11.The Council of Trustees: 
1.makes the decisions on all issues regarding the activities of the Board of Trustees; 
2.annually gives account of its activities before the General Assembly; 
3.manages the funds of the Board of Trustees

ARTICLE.12. The chairperson of the Board of Trustees:
1. convenes and chairs the meetings of the Council of Trustees;
2.organizes the activities of the Board of Trustees in compliance with the statute and the decisions of the General Assembly;
3. represents the Board of Trustees before the state and municipal authorities, public organizations and other physical and juridical persons;
4.takes part in the proceedings of the School Pedagogical Council and has the right to put forward materials for discussion.

ARTICLE.13. A trustee has the following rights and obligations: take part in the proceedings of the Board of Trustees; express freely one's opinion on all issues in terms of reference of the Board of Trustees; keep the school rules and the statute of the Board of Trustees; contribute within one's resources to the realization of the goals of the Board of Trustees.


ARTICLE.14.The property of the Board of Trustees consists of money, belongings, realty, securities, intellectual property, etc.

ARTICLE.15. Sources of income are: membership dues and donations by the trustees, renting or selling realty, donations by physical persons or juridical persons etc.

ARTICLE.16.The funds of the Board of Trustees are spent on fulfilling its goals and tasks.


ARTICLE.17.New members are admitted into the Board of Trustees with a resolution by the Council of Trustees.
ARTICLE.18. Membership can be terminated unilaterally by a trustee with a statement before the Board of Trustees. In such case the termination is noted by the Council of Trustees and entered into the minutes of its meeting. The membership of a trustee can also be terminated by the General Assembly in case of unacceptable behaviour of the trustee making any further maintenance of trustee status incongruous as well as in case the prescribed membership dues are not paid and the trustee habitually does not take part in the activities of the Board of Trustees. 


ARTICLE.19. The Board of Trustees is obliged to keep the following books of records: 
-a minute-book for the meetings held by the General Assembly and those held by the Council of Trustees. The minutes must be signed by the chairperson and the recorder of each meeting. 
-an income and expenditure ledger of the association;
-a membership book for keeping track of the number of members and their membership dues;
-a ledger for income from grants and the association's own business activities.


ARTICLLE.20. Issues not settled within this statute are treated in accordance with the Education Act and the Non-profit Corporate Law. 


The present statute was adopted at the constituent assembly of the Board of Trustees on 03.12.2003 and was altered and completed at the general assembly  on 20.05.2009